Filter Foam

Poret filter foam

Open cell filter foam: G1-G4

  • in controlled porosities from 20 - 30 pores per inch (PPI)
  • washable
  • available in blocks, sheets, cuttings, stamped parts or rolls

Open cell filter foam: Carbon

  • activated carbon impregnated filter foam
  • odour-filtering
  • adsorption of gaseous, organic and inorganic impurities
  • powdered carbon maximises the active surface area
  • plastic or metal housings
  • housing reusable

Biosafe filter matting & aquarium filters:

  • Open cell filter foam on polyetherbasis
  • in controlled porosities from 10 - 20 PPI
  • Biosafe as single or double T-shape execution
  • available in sheets, cuttings, stamped form or drilled parts

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