Products and Services

Air Filters


  • synthetic media
  • filter classes G3 - F5
  • progressive media structure


  • glass fibre media
  • filter classes G1 - G3

Pre-filter cells / Coalescer

  • with synthetic media, Z-line
  • or PORET® filter foam
  • or VERFILTAN® glass fibre media
  • carton, metal and plastic frame
  • or with reusable, exchangeable plastic frame

Bag Filters

  • coarse and fine dust filters
  • bags ultrasonic welded or sewn
  • standard media or GT version
  • plastic or metal frame
  • filter classes G3 - G4, F5 - F9
  • endless foamed sealing on demand

Filter Foam

Poret filter foam

Open cell filter foam: G1-G4

  • in controlled porosities from 20 - 30 pores per inch (PPI)
  • washable
  • available in blocks, sheets, cuttings, stamped parts or rolls

Open cell filter foam: Carbon

  • activated carbon impregnated filter foam
  • odour-filtering
  • adsorption of gaseous, organic and inorganic impurities
  • powdered carbon maximises the active surface area
  • plastic or metal housings
  • housing reusable

Biosafe filter matting & aquarium filters:

  • Open cell filter foam on polyetherbasis
  • in controlled porosities from 10 - 20 PPI
  • Biosafe as single or double T-shape execution
  • available in sheets, cuttings, stamped form or drilled parts

Incubator Filters and Mattresses

Incubator filters

Airshields, Transport, Medix Fanem and Atom Incubator Filters

Incubator mattresses

Standard sizes or made to order

Minipleat Filters

Minipleat compact cassettes MPK

  • with 3 or 4 openings
  • plastic frame, fully casted
  • endless foam sealing
  • filter classes F6-F9, H10-H14
  • available with different surface areas
  • GT version: with outer pleat protection

Minipleat filter boxes MPB

  • with 4 or 6 openings
  • plastic frame, fully casted
  • endless foam sealing
  • filter classes F6-F9, H10-H14
  • available with different surface areas

 Minipleat filters RS, MS, KS

  • polystyrene, MDF, metal or anodised aluminum profile frames
  • endless foamed sealing
  • different kinds of grid

Other Filter Products

Sealing gaskets: pre-compressed sealing and insulation tape provides secure protection against dust, noise, draught, humidity, cold and heavy rain

  • especially for expansion joints
  • solvent and CFC free
  • delayed recovery depending on different temperatures
  • inflammability according to DIN 4102-B1

Filter holding frames

Filter holding frames:

  • zinc-coated steel sheeting with L-shaped edge
  • 4 tension springs at the edges
  • alternatively 25 or 50mm height
  • for retaining standard pocket or compact filters or combination filter systems

Other products

  • Nylon air conditioner filters
  • Self supported panel filters
  • Wire supported panel filters
  • Open cell filter foam from 10PPI (pores per inch) to 65PPI
  • Synthetic filter cloth
  • Pleated panel filters - supported and unsupported
  • Synthetic pocket filters from G3 to G9 rating
  • Stainless steel mesh
  • Fully activated open cell filter foam

  • Koi Pond Filters
  • HEPA filters
  • Compact cassettes
  • Spray booth filters
  • Stainless steel baffle filters
  • Airshields incubator filter
  • Transport incubator filters
  • Atom incubator filters

We also have the facilities to manufacture and install all types of filter housings

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